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The Papacy (Index Page for Dave Armstrong)


[Papal Encyclicals Online: fabulous resource: includes Kindle / Nook / ePub capability]

"Pope Francis Defended": Helpful Resources for Confused, Troubled, and Frustrated Folks [11 Oct. 2013] [Links page: articles added all the time; the total is 131 as of 2-23-15] 

General / Petrine Primacy

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Peter the "Rock"

Papal Infallibility and Supremacy

The Modernist, Secularist Historicism of Raymond Brown and Brian Tierney (including lengthy citations from St. Thomas Aquinas on papal infallibility, Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, Msgr. George A. Kelly, and Protestants J. Gresham Machen and Os Guinness on Liberalism)

The Condemnation of Pope Honorius (Dom John Chapman, O.S.B., London: Catholic Truth Society, 1907)

Pope Honorius I (Catholic Encyclopedia [Dom John Chapman]) 

The Supposed Fall of Honorius and His Condemnation (J. H. R., American Catholic Quarterly Review, vol. 7, 1882, pp.162-168)

Pope Liberius (Catholic Encyclopedia [Dom John Chapman])

The Alleged Fall of Pope Liberius (P. J. Harrold, American Catholic Quarterly Review, vol. 8, 1883, 529-549) 

Pope Vigilius (Catholic Encyclopedia)

The Sixth Nicene Canon and the Papacy (James F. Loughlin, American Catholic Quarterly Review, vol. 5, 1880, 220-239)

  Popes, Councils, and Collegiality

The Papacy & Conciliarity (or, Collegiality): How Popes Routinely Consult & Involve Bishops, Priests, & Laity Prior to Momentous Decrees [13 Sep. 2014]

Disagreeing with Popes

Papal Scandals

Ven. Pope Pius XII and the Nazi Holocaust

Pope St. John Paul II

Pope Benedict XVI

Some Highlights of Pope Benedict XVI's Encyclical Spe Salvi ("Saved by Hope"): 30 November 2007 

Pope Benedict XVI's "Motu Proprio" Allowing Widespread Use of the Tridentine Mass: Summorum Pontificum [Links Page]

Peter Kwasniewski, Fr. Thomas Kocik and a Growing Chorus Disagree with Pope Benedict XVI Regarding the Ordinary Form of the Roman Rite Mass (Or, Reports of the Death of the Reform of the Reform are Greatly Exaggerated)  [+ Part Two] [24 Feb. 2014]

Who's Defending Summorum Pontificum Now? [Facebook, 26 Feb. 2014]

Pope Benedict XVI and Pope St. John XXIII on a Harmful Pessimism in the Church and "Prophets of Doom" [Facebook, 9 June 2014]  

 Pope Francis

"Pope Francis Defended": Helpful Resources for Confused, Troubled, and Frustrated Folks [11 Oct. 2013] [Links page: articles added all the time; the total is 131 as of 2-23-15] 


Pope Francis' Notable Humility: Could it Possibly "De-Sacralize" the Papacy? [Facebook, 14 March 2013]

Canon Lawyer Pete Vere on the Pope Francis Foot-Washing Controversy [Facebook, 30 March 2013] 

Radical Catholic Reactionary Super-Site Rorate Caeli's "Cherished Friend" and Featured Pope-Basher, Marcelo Gonz├ílez, is a Holocaust Revisionist [8 April 2013]  

Pope Francis Uses the Terminology of "Extreme Traditionalism" (Some Quibbles with Kevin Tierney's Arguments) [5 August 2013]

Discussion on the Apostolic Exhortation, Evangelii Gaudium, Especially in Relation to Radical Catholic Reactionaries [Facebook, 26 Nov. 2013] 

Random Thoughts on Rush Limbaugh's Comments on the Pope's Alleged "Marxism" [Facebook, 5 Dec. 2013] 

"Those who are willing to understand Pope Francis, can and will do so. Those who aren't willing, won't, and possibly can't as well." [Lengthy defense of my "proverb" and of Pope Francis] [Facebook,  18 January 2014]

Dialogue: Has Pope Francis Changed the Constant Catholic Prohibition of Contraception? [2 January 2014]

Is Pope Francis Guilty of Blasphemy and Departure from All Catholic Mariological Tradition in His Comments on the Possible Momentary Temptation of Mary at the Cross? [19 January 2014]

Does Pope Francis Think that Jesus was Literally a Sinner in a Sense Beyond Bearing Our Sins on the Cross (Partaking / Entering Into Sin)? [27 February 2014]

"The New Gnosticism": The Outrage of Checking Translations of Papal Homilies (+ Elliot Bougis' Claims that Pope Francis is Heretical / Modernist / Liberal, or Reasonable Facsimile Thereof [Facebook, 28 February 2014]

Reply to the Ridiculous Bum Rap that I (and Many Apologists) are "Ultramontanists" Who are Special Pleading and Defending the Pope No Matter What (as if his favorite color or ice cream were infallible, binding decrees) [12 May 2014]

Reply to a Critique of My Book, Pope Francis Explained, by Dr. Phil Blosser [24 August 2014]

Exchange on Pope Francis and the Church (vs. Tony Jokin) [Facebook, 17 December 2014]

Documentation: Pope Francis is Othodox, Pro-Tradition, and Against Modernism [Dan Marcum, Catholic Answers Forum, 9 January 2015] [see also a compact, abridged Facebook version

Catholics Reproducing Like "Rabbits": The Essential Silliness of the Clueless Perceptions of Pope Francis' Perfectly Catholic and Orthodox Remarks [21 January 2015]

Was Pope Francis Correct in Publicly Rebuking as "Irresponsible" a Woman Who Had Had Seven C-Sections?  [23 January 2015]

Facebook Threads Regarding Whether Pope Francis is Being "Bashed" [+ Part Two / Part III / 19 and 21 February 2015]

"Why is Pope Francis so loved by the liberals?" [Facebook, 21 February 2015]

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