Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Orthodoxy, Eastern (Index Page for Dave Armstrong)

Further Thoughts on Catholic-Orthodox Discussion [Facebook, 20 Dec. 2013] (+ earlier, humorous installment: about someone trashing me because I made a "patristic typo")

Group Discussion on Eastern vs. Western Conceptions of Original Sin (with Eastern Catholics and Orthodox) (+ discussion on a second continuing Facebook thread) [Facebook, 28 June 2014; note: later portions of the long initial thread become a more general Catholic-Orthodox discussion, mostly between myself and John Fiscus] 

A New (?) Argument in Favor of Mandatory Celibacy of Catholic Priests in the Western / Latin Rite  [see also vigorous Facebook discussion with Orthodox participants: 7-31-14]

Discussion on Orthodox Caesaropapism and Proper Historiography (Dave Armstrong vs. "Theophan" and Joel Kalvesmaki)


A Catholic View of Orthodoxy (Aidan Nichols)

Why I am Not Eastern Orthodox (Jimmy Akin)

From Constantinople to Rome: Why I Did Not Join the Eastern Orthodox Church [+ second version] (Fr. Brian W. Harrison)

Why I am Not Eastern Orthodox (Nick's Catholic Blog

Why I am Catholic and Not Orthodox (Justin Geldart)

Why Catholic and Not Eastern Orthodox? (Joe Heschmeyer)

The Idea of Doctrinal Development in Eastern Orthodox Theology (from From Newman to Congar; by Aidan Nichols)

Eastern Monasticism (Adrian Fortescue)

Several In-Depth Articles on the Filioque Issue (Dr. Michael Liccione)

Pope Gregory the Great and the "Universal Bishop" Controversy (Phil Porvaznik)

Is There a Byzantine Mariology? (John Samaha)

Papal Authority in the First Ecumenical Councils (Brian W. Harrison)

Filioque (Church Fathers; ed. Joe Gallegos)

Catholic Encyclopedia: Filioque

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