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Orthodoxy, Eastern (Index Page for Dave Armstrong)


Further Thoughts on Catholic-Orthodox Discussion [Facebook, 20 Dec. 2013] (+ earlier, humorous installment: about someone trashing me because I made a "patristic typo")

Group Discussion on Eastern vs. Western Conceptions of Original Sin (with Eastern Catholics and Orthodox) (+ discussion on a second continuing Facebook thread) [Facebook, 28 June 2014; note: later portions of the long initial thread become a more general Catholic-Orthodox discussion, mostly between myself and John Fiscus]

Discussion on Orthodox Caesaropapism and Proper Historiography (Dave Armstrong vs. "Theophan" and Joel Kalvesmaki)


A Catholic View of Orthodoxy (Aidan Nichols)

Why I am Not Eastern Orthodox (Jimmy Akin)

From Constantinople to Rome: Why I Did Not Join the Eastern Orthodox Church [+ second version] (Fr. Brian W. Harrison)

Why I am Not Eastern Orthodox (Nick's Catholic Blog

Why I am Catholic and Not Orthodox (Justin Geldart)

Why Catholic and Not Eastern Orthodox? (Joe Heschmeyer)

The Idea of Doctrinal Development in Eastern Orthodox Theology (from From Newman to Congar; by Aidan Nichols)

Eastern Monasticism (Adrian Fortescue)

Several In-Depth Articles on the Filioque Issue (Dr. Michael Liccione)

Pope Gregory the Great and the "Universal Bishop" Controversy (Phil Porvaznik)

Is There a Byzantine Mariology? (John Samaha)

Papal Authority in the First Ecumenical Councils (Brian W. Harrison)

Filioque (Church Fathers; ed. Joe Gallegos)

Catholic Encyclopedia: Filioque

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Thomas said...

If you can, please read the following website and prepare a reply.

Thank you.

Dave Armstrong said...

I have a policy of not wasting my time debating anti-Catholics. This stuff is garbage: not worth anyone's time, in my opinion.

Thomas said...

I am disappointed and do not understand. You "have a policy of not wasting my time debating anti-Catholics", but you have a whole section of your website doing so:

This even includes "Orthodox Anti-Catholicism" as well as such already discredited anti-Catholics as Jack Chick.

Yet, you will not respond to Alexei Osipov, a well known Russian Orthodox theologian, professor and lecturer from the Orthodox Theological Seminary in Moscow? Check the internet. He is a widely popular pedagogue, publicist and defender of Russian Orthodoxy and apologist of Eastern Christianity. Most of his publications never mention Catholicism.

I know that your time is valuable and that you must pick and choose whose writings you will answer. But, you've heard the old saying that an unanswered lie becomes the truth in 24 hrs. There are now other Orthodox websites attacking Catholic Marian apparitions (not necessary to our Faith) as unholy delusions.

With no Catholic replies, readers of these sites will think we have no response that can be made. But, that is your decision.

Thomas said...

At least one Catholic apologist had the religious courage to attempt a response to this Orthodox slur. But, it still awaits a full rebuttal. Would that it were yours.,1_435290_AG1ck0UAAAgWTQEZFAsCfAWE2TQ,1_433182_AGlck0UAASIlTQEIOA4xghnEqaI,1_428585_AGFck0UAAAcwTQD%2FRAatgxbSND4,1_424265_AGVck0UAAH9zTQDTTw8WIh3lf7I,1_422012_AGVck0UAAN2rTQC%2FSACED2VfMnk,&sort=date&order=down&startMid=0&hash=bddbc285a4b0236cb2e6efcd30a6b0bd&.jsrand=6500554

Dave Armstrong said...

Some things are beneath reply. This is not a matter of courage (I have 650 debates posted) but of stewardship of time under God.