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"Whitewashing History": Critique of James White's Book, Mary -- Another Redeemer? (William Possidento and Dave Armstrong vs. James White)

Sinlessness, Immaculate Conception, and the Annunciation 

Mary as Ark of the Covenant, in the Church Fathers and the Bible (Steve Ray, Pat Madrid, and Others) [Links Page]


Bodily Assumption

The Bible and the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary [article for Seton Magazine, 13 May 2014; see also a discussion on this article with anti-Catholic John Malone, on my Facebook page ]


Mother of God (Theotokos) / Spouse of the Holy Spirit

John Calvin's Flimsy and Unbiblical Objection to the Term, Mother of God and Anti-Catholic James Swan's Vapid Swipes at Catholic Apologists Regarding the Overall Issue

Perpetual Virginity 

Biblical Evidence for the Perpetual Virginity of Mary

Mary: Perpetual Virgin? Six Biblical Arguments  (+ Part Two) [two articles for Seton Magazine, 21 and 28 May 2014]

“Holy Ground” and Mary’s Perpetual Virginity  [article for Seton Magazine, 7 June 2014]

Brief Exchange with a Protestant on the Perpetual Virginity of Mary [Facebook, 21 May 2014; with great discussion in the combox]

Mary's In Partu Virginity

Martin Luther's Belief in Mary's Perpetual Virginity In Partu (the Miraculous Birth of Jesus Without Pain)

Rationalist Objection to the In Partu Virginity of Mary [Facebook]

The Virginitas in Partu Revisited (Msgr.  Arthur Calkins)

The Virgin Birth of Christ -- What the Church Really Teaches (Fr. Ryan Erlenbush)

Veneration and the Rosary


Does St. Alphonsus de Liguori, in The Glories of Mary, Teach That Mary is "Above God" and Can "Manipulate God"?  (Corrections of Protestant Misunderstandings of Catholic Mariology) (vs. Len Lisenbee)

Queen of Heaven / Queen Mother

  Mediatrix, Intercessor, and Spiritual Mother


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Chris M said...

I have a question about Mary and Original Sin that has been bothering me for a while.

The way I understand it, the consequences of Original Sin include - concupisence, ignorance or difficulty in knowing the truth, fears/anxieties, and physical infirmities.

Since Mary and Jesus didn't have Original Sin, did they have doubts/were they ignorant? I guess they suffered temptation, though they weren't naturally inclined toward evil (concupisence) like fallen men/women are. Jesus obviously suffered anxiety/fear - him praying in the garden, for example. But what about doubts? What about physical infirmities? Obviously, Jesus died a physical death and was persecuted.

Could it be that Mary, though her soul was sinless/spotless, was not "turned away" or "stained" with original sin, still nevertheless had a post-fall body?

I know the Church teaches that Jesus was like us - a human mind, will, body, etc - in all ways but sin. I'm just wondering what consequences from original sin did Jesus (and Mary) not suffer from that we do suffer from.

This question is one of the ones that's keeping me from joining the Church. And I'm really curious what the Church's official teachings on this is.

Thanks for all you do,
pray for me,


Dave Armstrong said...

Hi Chris,

Good questions. It just so happens that very recently I dealt with Mary's impeccability.

Jesus had no doubts, since He was God and knew perfectly well what the theological truth and spiritual reality was. He had no ignorance because in His Divine Nature He was omniscient.

Jesus was tempted by the devil, but with no possibility of succumbing. Jesus truly suffered, but in a way that excluded doubt or despair. He could suffer from physical infirmities. The crucifixion shows that.

Here are my papers that deal with these questions:

Is the Blessed Virgin Mary Impeccable (i.e., Incapable of Sinning)?

Could Jesus Have Possibly Sinned or Succumbed to Temptation?

Tempting God and the Impeccability of Jesus: God the Son

The Last Temptation of Christ and Cinematic Historical and Theological Accuracy + Christian Filmmaker's Creed (with Dr. Stanley D. Williams)

A Straightforward Biblical Argument For the Sinlessness of Mary

Feel free to ask follow-up questions. Just get my attention on this blog. Sometimes I may miss a comment because only five present ones are listed on the sidebar.

Maroun said...

Hi Chris.
I would like to try and answer some of the questions which you have asked.
To begin with ,you began asking the wrong way,why? because you already have some preconceived ideas in your head and you have decided that what you know must be the truth and because it is the truth,that`s why i disagree with the church....
To begin with,who told you ,that our Lord was afraid in the garden????this is what the cathechism tells us about the agony in the garden...The agony at Gethsemani

612 The cup of the New Covenant, which Jesus anticipated when he offered himself at the Last Supper, is afterwards accepted by him from his Father's hands in his agony in the garden at Gethsemani,434 making himself "obedient unto death". Jesus prays: "My Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me. . ."435 Thus he expresses the horror that death represented for his human nature. Like ours, his human nature is destined for eternal life; but unlike ours, it is perfectly exempt from sin, the cause of death.436 Above all, his human nature has been assumed by the divine person of the "Author of life", the "Living One".437 By accepting in his human will that the Father's will be done, he accepts his death as redemptive, for "he himself bore our sins in his body on the tree."
And if you remember that one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit is fortitude.So do you think that the messiah Himself the anointed one didnt have the gifts of the Holy Spirit and especially fortitude and so according to you he experienced fear???He was telling the apostles and everyone he met do not fear,and he was almost running to the cross ,and do you think that when the time had come,he was afraid?and also remember that at pentecost ,when the Holy Spirit descended upon the apostles,they also were not afraid anymore.....

Maroun said...

Hi Chris again.
And then we come to the question of doubt.Again the first Eve had doubts in God`s words,but not the new Eve,the blessed virgin Mary,in fact one of the greatests church fathers thought the same thing and the church refused this idea...So the blessed virgin mary didnt have any doubts neither did our Lord Jesus...
Now if you want to have all the answers which you are looking for and much more,then i suggest that you check the cathechism of the catholic church and also on the net,there is a catholic encyclopedia which i know that you will love,it`s called new advent.In it you can check about original sin,about the immaculate conception and any other thing which you want to check.
Plz do not think that i am being rude,i am just trying to give you a brotherly advice.When you need to ask something about anything,because the way you ask is not like someone asking to understand,but like someone asking to criticise and to find a reason why he shouldnt join the church.So plz Chris,first check what the church teaches about certain specific things and then look for the answers from the same church,and not already in advance say i know this like that and because of this or that i cant accept or understand this thing...
I hope that you understand what i am trying to tell you.We encourage you and want you to ask and research and understand,but as i told you,you should ask with an open mind and not with some preconceived ideas which might be wrong...

george said...


I heard an Orthodox Priest wrote that Mary didnt Spoke in tongues. is it true?