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Mary: The Blessed Virgin (Index Page for Dave Armstrong)


Mary's Knowledge About Jesus' Divinity (and Jesus' Own Knowledge) [now available only in ch. 2 of "The Catholic Mary": Quite Contrary to the Bible?]

"Whitewashing History": Critique of James White's Book, Mary -- Another Redeemer? (William Possidento and Dave Armstrong vs. James White)

Sinlessness, Immaculate Conception, and the Annunciation 

A Straightforward Biblical Argument For the Sinlessness of Mary [see also a good Facebook dialogue on this paper, with Protestant Professor of Old Testament, Dr. Jonathan Huddleston, from December 2014]

Dialogue with an Evangelical Protestant on Catholic Mariology (including an explicitly biblical argument for the Immaculate Conception, from Luke 1:28, related exegesis, and the meaning of grace) (vs. Jack DisPennett)

Cardinal Newman on Biblical and Traditional Evidences for Mary's Immaculate Conception [from 30 May 1860; Facebook, 12 April 2015]

Dialogue on the Immaculate Conception, with Lutheran Chuck Wiese

Why Don't Protestants Call the Blessed Virgin Mary "Blessed" When the Bible Records Four Such Instances, States That  "All Generations" Will Do So, and Describes Her Also Being Hailed by an Archangel?

The Annunciation: Does it Indicate that the Blessed Virgin Mary  is an Extraordinary Human Being, Chosen by God, and Already in a Sublime State of Grace? (Dialogue with a Lutheran, + Ridiculous and Groundless Personal Attacks Documented)

Mary as Ark of the Covenant, in the Church Fathers and the Bible (Steve Ray, Pat Madrid, and Others) [Links Page]


Bodily Assumption


Mother of God (Theotokos) / Spouse of the Holy Spirit

John Calvin's Flimsy and Unbiblical Objection to the Term, Mother of God and Anti-Catholic James Swan's Vapid Swipes at Catholic Apologists Regarding the Overall Issue

 Early Protestants' Belief in Mary's Perpetual Virginity

Early Protestant Leader Heinrich Bullinger's Belief in the Perpetual Virginity of Mary: Primary and Secondary Source Information

Mary's In Partu Virginity

Martin Luther's Belief in Mary's Perpetual Virginity In Partu (the Miraculous Birth of Jesus Without Pain)

Vigorous Discussion on the Topic, with Many Solid Sources Brought Forth in Defense of It [Facebook, 9-19-14]

Martin Luther's Acceptance of the Perpetual Virginity of Mary, Including "In Partu" Virginity ("at the birth of Christ"): Documentation (+ James Swan's Belittling Contempt of Luther) [Facebook, 9-23-14]

The Virginitas in Partu Revisited (Msgr.  Arthur Calkins)

The Virgin Birth of Christ -- What the Church Really Teaches (Fr. Ryan Erlenbush)

Veneration and the Rosary


Does St. Alphonsus de Liguori, in The Glories of Mary, Teach That Mary is "Above God" and Can "Manipulate God"?  (Corrections of Protestant Misunderstandings of Catholic Mariology) (vs. Len Lisenbee)

Queen of Heaven / Queen Mother

  Mediatrix, Intercessor, and Spiritual Mother


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