Thursday, November 09, 2006

Life Issues: Abortion, Euthanasia, Contraception (Index Page)


My Son Paul's Bible and Pro-Life Book

It features over 300 Bible passages on the subject of the sanctity of life. Available for purchase as a paperback (116 pages) for $9.95 at Lulu; or PDF file for only $1.99 or e-Pub for $4.99.


The Pro-Life Battle is Primarily Spiritual and Demographic, Not Political

Response to Democrats for Life of America [Facebook]

Did You Know That Jesus, in Effect, Compared Abortion to Hell (and Vice Versa)? [Facebook, 3 October 2014]

Straight Talk on Genocide (ISIS and Our Own Childkillers) [Facebook, 14 August 2014] 

The "Pro-Lifers Are Single-Issue Voters" Canard [Facebook, 22 Feb. 2014] 

Can Pro-Life Americans Consistently Vote for Democratic Presidential Candidates? [Facebook, 21 Feb. 2014]

Dialogue on Whether it is Improper or Disrespectful to Bring up the Abortion Holocaust in the Context of School Massacres

Debate on Abortion with an Atheist, with Use of Reductio ad Absurdum

Supreme Court Partial-Birth Infanticide Ban: Dissenting Opinion of Pro-Abortion Justice Ginsburg


Five Catholic Supreme Court Justices Set America Back on the Path to Rudimentary Civilization by Outlawing Partial-Birth Infanticide


The Pathetic "One-Issue Voter" Canard on the Abortion Issue / John McCain's Stellar Pro-Life Voting Record


Capital Punishment / Massacres

Artificial Insemination / In-Vitro Fertilization

Contraception and Natural Family Planning

Catholics Reproducing Like "Rabbits": The Essential Silliness of the Clueless Perceptions of Pope Francis' Perfectly Catholic and Orthodox Remarks [21 January 2015]

Was Pope Francis Correct in Publicly Rebuking as "Irresponsible" a Woman Who Had Had Seven C-Sections?  [23 January 2015]  

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