Friday, November 03, 2006

Dee-Ay Apologetic Bum Rap

I thought this would be fun to do. Enjoy!

* * *

My name is Dave Armstrong and I'm known as "DA"
Here to tell ya all the Good News God has for you today
As a kid I knew nuthin' 'bout the Bible 'n' God at all
Couldn't tell Barabbas and Balaam from St. Peter or St. Paul

I come from Dee-troit; Motown, the rockin' Motor City
Home of Seger, 'retha, Gaye, Tempts, Stevie; Supremes pretty
Grew up with car factories, riots, Tigers, liberalism, Gospel soul
The secular lies of public schools sure did take their toll

In '68 I was dumb enough to study ghosts and occult:
Ouija boards, ESP, telepathy - like an idiot and a dolt
But the one and only God had much different plans for me:
Christian (Catholic) apologist: defending faith from A to Z

Went through a Great Depression and an existential crisis deep
If it weren't for God I mighta wound up in a deep sleep
But I turned into a "Jesus Freak": an evangelical, back in '77
Got really serious in 1980: Spirit brought me closer to heaven

Soon I started reading Lewis, Schaeffer, Josh McDowell
Learned that Christian minds don't have to throw in no towel
Refuting J'hovah's Witnesses taught me lots of helpful things:
Orthodoxy, the Trinity; the joy that real Christianity brings

Was a college grad in '82 with no idea what to do
Sociology don't exactly give no solid career to you
But God had other ideas for this sinner, even way back then
I finally figured it out, but it's tough to convince other men

Met my lovely wife Judy that year, and we became good friends
Took a year and a half, till it turned into deeper love that never ends
Got a job with a friend in a lab: auto company quality technician guy
But I was bored and preoccupied, wondering, looking to the sky

I took the plunge in '85, evangelizing know-it-all college kids
Payin' my dues, and our finances eventually went to skids
By '89 the ministry was a bust; a washed-up has-been at 31
No idea 'bout God's will, cynical; would life ever again be fun?

Started rescuing babies at abortuaries in '88 and '89
Telling priests no contraception was foolish and asinine
Then I met a Vatican II Catholic who explained why it ain't
And answered patiently all my polemics and endless complaints

I learned that the "Reformation" sure ain't all it's cracked up to be
Even my hero Luther had blind spots he and his followers couldn't see
Already admired unique, profound Catholic moral theology
But contraception arrived that late in Christian history chronology??!!

Railing against infallibility, inquisition and "crazy" Catholic claims
My friend John said Cardinal Newman maybe could end that game
So I read about development with stubborn spirit starting to lift
And by the end of 1990 I went through an amazing paradigm shift

Now a Catholic in '91, and a father, with new delivery work
Doin' fine, happy, but apologetics in the background still lurked
Writing articles for my friends, explaining exactly why I poped
Didn't know I'd ever write a book, but there was still some hope

Lots of papers for my friends: on typewriter from '91 to '93
Eventually became A Biblical Defense of Catholicism, for all to see
Then magazine articles, and the Surprised by Truth conversion tale
Getting a book published, though, was as hard as finding the Holy Grail

But the Internet and the wonders of self-publishing came around
A godsend for me: what potential!, and my lot in life truly found
In March '96 I went online for good; with website February the year next
I kept writing and writing and slowly with many I started to connect

Books followed and even a time or two on radio I appeared
People seemed to like my stuff but some anti-Catholics feared
In late 2001 the delivery company I worked for went to pot
So I had nothing to lose and gave full-time apologetics a shot

God provided our needs as we sought to be faithful and true
But at times it's difficult and hard, as any missionary will tell you
Put down, scorned, mocked, by anti-Catholics, some Catholic brothers
That's the way it must be: apologetics has either foes or lovers

Let them lie, caricature, slander, twist words, deeds till Kingdom come
This apologist ain't goin' nowhere; I'm a committed lifer, and then some
James White, Eric Svendsen, Steve Hays, TAO, and who knows who
Anti-Catholics can keep babblin' drivel till their angry faces turn blue

I tell the truth 'bout the Catholic faith, no matter what the cost
Helping people follow God beats the Hades out of souls being lost
Ain't hesitatin' to defend all teachings of the Church, even if "hard"
Cuz we're dead meat and dupes for Satan if we let down our guard

'Traditionalists" and liberals don't think all that much of my work
They invent myths and pretend I'm a scoundrel and all-around jerk
But I'm proud to be with Chesterton, in that "radical orthodox center"
I ain't gonna be no ossified fossil or "trendier-than thou" dissenter!

Read what you like; ignore the rest; take what you need from my tomes
I try to provide lots of food for thought; not just politics, trivia, and poems
I love what I do, since God called me to it. Woe unto me if I ever try to stop
World's dying; needs God all through it; I labor to "harvest" the abundant crop

Thanks for reading, and I hope you'll visit my blog again
This is serious business; it ain't no fad, fashion, or trend
God has a plan for you too; you're of infinite worth: a treasure
The Catholic Church is your refuge, rock, truth in full measure

Come to Jesus, Savior and Lord, as follower and grace-filled disciple
This is the meaning of life: sure ain't no small matter or trifle
Then receive Him into yourself as you partake of Holy Communion
And pray and work for inter-Christian ecumenism, love, and reunion

The world sees sinful, prideful Christians and our endless stupid fights
Thinking, "that silly, dumb, mud wrestling match, it just ain't right"
They'll know Who Jesus is only by our loving Christian example
Or mock God as "pie in the sky," and souls Satan will trample

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