Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Conversion and Converts (Catholic) (Index Page for Dave Armstrong)

Individual Conversions

Why I Returned to the Catholic Church: Including a Searching Examination of Various Flaws and Errors in the Protestant Worldview and Approach to Christian Living (Al Kresta; edited and transcribed by Dave Armstrong)


Former Catholic, Now (Again) Adventist Bill Cork's Bad Reasons For Leaving Catholicism (Redux)

Is Dinesh D'Souza a "High Profile" Fallen-Away Catholic? (vs. Steve Hays)

My Conversion

My Odyssey From Evangelicalism to Catholicism (original Surprised by Truth version) 

Audio Version of my Conversion, and Discussion of A Biblical Defense of Catholicism, on Faith and Family Live, with Host Steve Wood (EWTN): 10 July 2003 [audio link: 55 minutes]

Why This "Jesus Freak" Became a Catholic (published at Catholic365 on 22 March 2015)

Yet Another James White Hit Piece / Correction of Erroneous Blurb Concerning My Catholic Conversion 

General Observations

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