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Apologetics: Catholic and General Christian (Index Page for Dave Armstrong)

Approval From the Church

First [You Tube] Video EVER of Me Teaching Apologetics (Q & A, 77 minutes) [30 March 2015; see also Facebook cross-posting]

The Trials and Tribulations (but Mostly Joys) of Being an Apologist [10-14-04] 

"The Pleasures and Perils of a Catholic Apologetics Apostolate" (This Rock, November 2004)
Theological and Apologetics Links From Wikipedia [6-30-05]

Does Anyone Do Apologetics and/or Theology Anymore? [11-26-06] 

Scott Hahn's New Apologetics Book Reasons to Believe and Kind Remark About Contemporary Apologists [2-2-07]

My Use of Satirical Humor: Essentially Contrary to the Ironic Humor of Our Lord Jesus and St. Paul? / White's and Svendsen's Caricatures of Me [6-2-07] 

What Catholics Really Believe: Series on EWTN With Dr. Ray Guarendi and Fr. Kevin Fete [6-4-07]

 I Certainly Waited (To Do Apologetics After My Conversion to Catholicism) [9-18-07] 

I Never Define the Word Christian? Huh?!?! (More of "Turretinfan's" Ceaseless Nonsense)[10-8-07]

Yet Another Reply to Bum Raps Against Apologetics [1-27-08]

The Certitude of Faith and Cardinal Newman / Defense of the Lay Apologetic Vocation Contra False "Traditionalist" Claims [9-30-08] 

 Why We Catholic Apologists Do What We Do (Guest Comment by Ted Jenczewski) [12-4-08]


33 Short Apologetics Papers For the Time-Challenged (I Assuredly Don't Write Only Tomes and Epics) [5-14-07] 

Biblical Evidence For Vigorously, Passionately Arguing in Favor of One's Religious Truth Claims [6-4-07] 

On the "Celebrity" Status of Scott Hahn / Our Call to Effectively Share the Catholic Faith With Non-Catholics in Terms That They Can Understand [2-18-08]

 Apologia For Lengthy Papers [7-11-08]

Am I a "Protestantizing" Catholic Now Or Was I Formerly a "Catholicizing" Protestant? [7-24-08]

Do I "Always" Write Lengthy Papers; Massive Tomes, Interminable Epics?

Interview for Catholic Books and Gifts / Catholic Free Shipping [4-23-10] 

My Earliest Catholic Apologetics: Documentary History of My Efforts in 1990-1995 and the Original Version of A Biblical Defense of Catholicism [1-5-11]

Logos Catholic Bible Software Provides Quick, Searchable Access to the Riches of Scriptural and Traditional Resources [12-23-11]

[For more papers on specifically presuppositionalist apologetics, see the Calvin and Calvinism Page]

Discussion and Dialogue Disputes and Issues

Did Paul and Peter Disobey Jesus and Risk Hellfire (Calling Folks "Fools")? Did Jesus Contradict Himself? Or Do Proverbs and Hyperbolic Utterances Allow Exceptions? [Facebook, 5 Feb. 2014]  

War-Free and Garbage-Free Facebook Zone (Your Search is Over) [Facebook, 5 March 2014]

 Are Blogging and Facebook Beyond All Hope and Too Far Gone? [Facebook, 2 June 2014]

The Biblical, Pauline Rationale for Separation from Fellow Christians in Serious Sin, or Ones Who are Relentlessly Divisive or Contentious [13 June 2014] 

A Typical Example of the Sort of  "Exchange of Ideas" that is so Prevalent Today [Facebook, 2 July 2014] 

Bad Online Behavior: No Excuses in the Final Analysis [Facebook, 9 July 2014]

Jesus' Use of Socratic Method in His Teaching and Dialogues [Facebook, 10 July 2014]

My Three "Laws" Concerning Online Discourse (actual or mere facsimiles thereof) [Facebook, 25 March 2015] 

Criticizing Public Posts on Facebook (The Latest Ridiculous and Pathetic Dust-Up) [Facebook, 29 May 2015] 

Remuneration (or, "Filthy Lucre")

Those Weird Catholic Apologists and the "Real Jobs" They Oughtta Get!  [3-23-06]

Michael Voris' Critique of Catholic Answers Salaries and Contention that Two Radio Shows on "Radical Traditionalism" Have Harmed CA's Finances and Support  [31 Aug. 2013] [+ Facebook discussion] 

Are So-Called "Establishment" Apologists Financially Compromised and Do They Deliberately Avoid Criticizing Bishops for Fear of Monetary Loss? (Michael Voris' Criticism)  [2 Sep. 2013] [+ Facebook discussion] 

Thoughts on How Much Money Apologists Should Make and Our Society's Low Estimate of the Worth of Spiritual / Theological Work  [9-2-13] 

On Apologists' Income: Both "High" and Low (My Case) [Facebook, 22 Feb. 2014]  

On Catholic Answers Cruises and the Inevitability of Capitalistic "Business Models" in Catholic Non-Profit Lay Apostolates (and Apologetics)  [24 June 2014; see also Facebook discussion] 

Sociology of Religion

Presuppositions and Patterns of Thought Common to Both Protestantism and Secularism (A Sociological and Philosophical Analysis of the Success and Popularity of Evangelical Protestantism, by an Anonymous Observer; 2-6-02)

Thoughts on the Historical Causes of Secularization [1-20-04]

Anti-Apologetics (Protestant and Catholic)

Anti-Apologetics Rears its Ugly Head Yet Again (John H. Armstrong) [Facebook, 11 March 2013]

John Armstrong Roundly Mocks a Biblical Argument for Mary's Perpetual Virginity, Used by Augustine, Ambrose, Jerome, Aquinas, Etc. [Facebook, 12 March 2013] 

Response to Personal Attacks from the "Anti-Apologist" Shawn McElhinney [8-6-13]

Reply to (Posited) "Traditionalist" or (More Likely) Radical Catholic Reactionary Critiques of Two of My Book Titles [Facebook, 4 May 2014]  

Ah; I Haven't Heard a Personal Insult This Entertaining in a Long While [Facebook, 30 Sep. 2014] 

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