Monday, August 14, 2006

My Two Catholic Answers Live Radio Shows in Online Audio

If you wanted to hear my recent appearance, from 26 June 2006, and didn't get to, or if you didn't know about it, and have an interest in hearing it, Catholic Answers has a neat radio archive of hundreds of their shows:

Biblical Evidence for the Communion of Saints

Listen (Real audio)

Listen (mp3)

And here is my other appearance, from 10 October 2003:

Why We Need More than the Bible

Listen (Real audio)

Listen (mp3)

This earlier appearance was seized upon by the anti-Catholic Baptist apologist James White, in a desperate effort to refute something of mine. He figured it was simply a ten-part quick summary of how to refute sola Scriptura, and pretended that this represented my entire, worked-out response on that topic. Of course, a summary is just that, so this was not an exhaustive treatment, and I had written probably a few dozen lengthy treatments in the past on the subject. But he chose this brief treatment to caricature and "refute." Needless to say, I think that he failed abysmally in his task. See my response:

James White's Three-Ring Sophistry Circus: His Critique of my Radio Talk on Sola Scriptura


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