Monday, July 31, 2006

My Apologetics Credentials

Dave Armstrong

Dr. Scott Hahn:

Thanks again for the great work you're doing for Christ and His Church. The Lord clearly has you right where He wants you.

Fr. John A. Hardon, S.J.:

I highly recommend his work, A Biblical Defense of Catholicism, which I find to be thoroughly orthodox, well-written, and effective for the purpose of making Catholic truth more understandable and accessible to the public at large.

Patrick Madrid:

I admire, as ever, your fantastic and penetrating work for Christ and His Church.

Marcus Grodi:

You utterly amaze me! Such good stuff . . . Dave, keep up your effective and eternally valuable apologetic journalism!

Fr. Ray Ryland

God bless you in your indefatigable labors on behalf of the Faith! Only God knows how many lives your efforts have touched with the truth.

Mark Shea

I think you have one of the best sites on the web. It's so amazingly thorough I'm dazzled at the incredible work you've put into it! Way to go!

Dr. Ray Guarendi (Catholic family psychologist)

I respect so much of what you do.

Amy Welborn

There is someone out there who says what I have to say much better than I ever could -- the smartest Catholic apologist I know of -- Dave Armstrong.

Steve Ray

Keep up the good work. I am constantly sending people to your page to find answers for their questions and sources for their search.

Australian Catholic Priest

It is due to converts like yourself that I can realise even more fully that our Catholic Faith is eminently defensible and that we can hold our own in the intellectual world.

28 years of apologetics experience in active outreach and writing (nine as an evangelical Protestant and 19 as a Catholic). My Protestant apologetics in the 1980s included research on heresies such as Jehovah's Witnesses, campus missionary activity from 1985-1989, much street evangelism, and pro-life work. I have a thorough understanding of Protestantism because I fervently defended it myself (and still respect much of it).

I have written 19 books (see my Books Page). Four are published by Sophia Institute Press (A Biblical Defense of Catholicism, The Catholic Verses: 95 Bible Passages That Confound Protestants, Bible Proofs for Catholic Truths, and The One-Minute Apologist), and I also wrote half of the apologetic inserts for The New Catholic Answer Bible (published by Our Sunday Visitor). These books are often listed on the Amazon Top 100 or sometimes even Top 50 bestsellers for the category of Catholic Theology. Another book, The Wisdom of Mr. Chesterton: The Very Best Quotes, Quips, and Cracks from the Pen of G. K. Chesterton (editor) is scheduled to be published by Saint Benedict Press in 2009.

My website, Biblical Evidence for Catholicism (March 1997 - November 2006), was the most extensive, wide-ranging, multi-faceted Catholic apologetics website on the Internet. I have possibly written more Catholic and general Christian apologetics in the last ten years than anyone. My site also won the "Catholic website of the year" award from Envoy Magazine in 1998.

My blog, Biblical Evidence for Catholicism (named Cor ad cor loquitur until October 2007), was begun in February 2004, and now contains all of the material from my old website and much more additional writing. It has averaged about 550 hits a day for over five years, has passed one million page views, and features more than 2400 papers and web pages.

My conversion story has been published in the top-selling Catholic apologetics book of our time, Surprised by Truth (1994; edited by Patrick Madrid) -- more than 300,000 copies sold. It had appeared earlier (1993) in This Rock magazine, and a second, longer account was the cover story for The Coming Home Journal in December 1997.

Several of my individual web pages are without question the most (or among the most) extensive on the Internet, in numbers of links and/or articles, including pages on John Henry Cardinal Newman, C. S. Lewis, G. K. Chesterton, Malcolm Muggeridge, Fr. John A. Hardon, S. J., Development of Doctrine, Luther and Lutheranism, Anti-Catholicism, Calvin & Calvinism, Salvation and Justification, the Papacy, The Blessed Virgin Mary, and others.

I particularly specialize in dialogues, and currently have posted probably more than 500 dialogues on the Internet, with all sorts of friendly opponents, including folks from all the major denominations or schools of Protestantism, theological liberals, self-described Catholic "traditionalists", Orthodox, Jews, Muslims, Jehovah's Witnesses, agnostics and atheists, homosexuals, vegetarians, . . . you name it.

My public "live" teaching experience encompasses many years of leading ecumenical group discussions in my home, various small group teaching settings, and national and local radio appearances, including Catholic Answers Live (twice: 10-10-03 and 6-26-06; follow the links to listen to Real Audio), Faith and Family Live (Steve Wood), and Kresta in the Afternoon (three times).

I have many published articles in the leading Catholic apologetics magazines, including This Rock (six times), The Catholic Answer (also six), Envoy (twice: cover story on the Eucharist in February 2000, and feature on my apostolate in Spring 2002), and The Coming Home Journal (eleven occasions). My website was positively reviewed in Envoy and New Covenant (August 1998), and I received good reviews for my books A Biblical Defense of Catholicism (May 2004) and The Catholic Verses (October 2005), from Michael J. Miller, in Homiletic & Pastoral Review. The latter was also reprinted in Ignatius Insight. Carl E. Olson favorably reviewed The One-Minute Apologist in The National Catholic Register (September 2007). Additionally, Our Sunday Visitor published my tract, Top Ten Questions Catholics Are Asked, which has been selling very well. Another paper of mine, "The Imitation of Mary," was reprinted in chapter 5 of The Catholic Answer Book of Mary (Our Sunday Visitor: 2000). For more details on all of this, see my Literary Resume page.

I have received recommendations from many of the leading figures in Catholic apologetics (including Forewords for my first two published books by Fr. John A. Hardon, S.J., and Scott Hahn) - some cited above. See near the bottom of my Resume or Books pages for further details.

For additional related personal and professional information, see my Personal Page; including commendations for my writing from both Catholics (many reported conversions and other educational or spiritual benefit partially as a result of my work), and non-Catholics.

Uploaded by Dave Armstrong on 17 January 2006. Updated on 18 October 2007 and 25 July 2009.

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