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Books by Dave Armstrong: Orthodoxy and Catholicism: A Comparison (Second Edition)

[First Edition completed in July 2004; published by Lulu in August 2007; Second Edition (heavily revised), with additional contributions from Eastern Catholics Fr. Deacon Daniel Dozier and Pete Vere, JCL, was completed on 13 September 2014; 383 pages]
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Front and back cover designs by Fr. Deacon Daniel Dozier

My Book, Orthodoxy and Catholicism: A Comparison, to be Read by Bishops and Priests in the Czech Republic

Descriptive Blurb of Second Edition
It has been my strong desire for some time now to revise my book in order to emphasize ecumenism and unity proportionately a lot more than in the first (2004) edition. I'm much more interested in finding common ground. I've also learned a thing or two about Orthodoxy over the past decade. I wanted this volume to be able to read by Orthodox and also Eastern Catholics, without having seizures or going into apoplectic fits (caused by my ignorance or overly polemical or biased writing). I exaggerate, of course, but perhaps not by much! Toward that end I have enlisted two very qualified Eastern Catholic friends to participate in the revised edition: Fr. Deacon Daniel Dozier and Pete Vere, JCL. The revision remains an apologetic for Catholicism and respectful critique of Orthodoxy, but now it also includes friendly ecumenical discussion and dialogue: feedback and input from the Eastern theological perspective. The overall tone, tenor, and goal is considerably different. Unity is stressed as much as apologetics.
Table of Contents
[revised second edition]

Additional Contributors to the Revised 2014 Edition

Preface to the Revised 2014 Edition [read online]

2. Reflections on the Sack of Constantinople in 1204 and Lesser-Known Byzantine Atrocities

3. Development of Doctrine in Orthodoxy and Catholicism: Different in Essence?

4. Is Purgatory a “Place” or “Condition” (or Both)?: Misconceptions About the Catholic View

5. Do St. Anselm, St. Thomas Aquinas, and Other Catholic Thinkers Adopt an Unbiblical “Rationalism” Leading to a “Remote” or "Impersonal" God?

6. Theological Opinions on the Papacy Prior to 1054 [read Dave's two counter-replies online]

7. The Filioque and the Eastern Church Fathers

8. Orthodoxy and Divorce

9. Orthodoxy and Contraception
10. Original Sin: Caricatures and Commonalities
11. Theosis / Deification in Western Spirituality

12. Fr. Deacon Daniel Dozier: Catholicism, Orthodoxy, and the Face of Christ

13. Pete Vere, JCL: Eucharistic Ecclesiology: The Key to Restoring Communion Between Catholicism and Orthodoxy?

Back Cover

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