Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Info-Page for New Book, "The One-Minute Apologist"

See the web page for this book (to be published probably in Fall 2006), which includes a link to a descriptive blog post, the Introduction from the book itself, and online excerpts (currently five, but the list will be updated as more are posted).

My Books page provides information for all my books, and links to the individual pages. I offer eleven of them in electronic format (Word 2000 or PDF; nine of them unpublished in paperback) for the low price of $25 (Word, through e-mail) or $28 (PDF; mailed to a postal address on a CD).

Information on ordering (by PayPal or a check to my Post Office Box) is included on the Books page or individual books pages. All proceeds help to make my apologetic work possible. Royalties and donations usually make up about two-thirds of my income. The $25 11-book offer particularly helps me pay the bills because I receive all that money myself (no middle man), whereas I make about $1.70 or so when one of my paperback books is bought (about fifteen times less; in other words, I have to sell fifteen paperback books to make the same profit or income as one $25 package deal).

It's my pleasure and honor to be of service to you as an apologist, and to offer tons of absolutely free apologetic writing on my blog and website. You never have to pay one red cent to get all that you need, apologetics-wise, from my numerous online writings. But if you want (in a very practical way) to help me continue to do provide this service, and to put out more helpful materials, please prayerfully consider either a 100% tax-deductible donation (see my page on how to do that) or purchase of my electronic books, in addition to buying my paperback books.

Those of you who have followed my work at all know that I am extremely low-key about fund-raising, and (almost uniquely among those who do apologetics full-time) absolutely refuse to "beg". That doesn't mean, however, that the financial need is not there, or that I am unwilling to periodically simply make the need known, and to make the opportunity available to you to participate in this ongoing work (this is a very rare instance of that on my blog).

I need your help. If (and only if) you believe in the value of what I do, I ask that you please consider financially supporting this work (or if not monetarily, then by prayer, which is equally important). God wants us to support whatever we support cheerfully, not simply because we were a successful target of a Madison Avenue technique or tear-jerking "Chicken Little" story to make people feel guilt or pity so that they will send a check.

Thanks from the bottom of my heart for considering support of my apostolate.

Also, if anyone wants to receive my monthly update by e-mail, just drop me a short letter and you'll be added on. No one else gets your address, and I don't "beg" in the updates, either. I have a permanent statement about the financial need and reality of having to pay my bills like everyone else, and I let it go at that.

You may also (in considering support of this apostolate) want to look over letters I have received from both Catholics and non-Catholics. The effect of what I have been doing for over ten years online (the last four-and-a-half of them full-time) is plainly seen in these letters (all praise and glory to God for using this poor vessel), with many coming into the Church, returning to it, or finding their faith and walk with God rejuvenated or enhanced by the aid of apologetics. See also a paper concerning my apologetic credentials.

God bless you and thanks for visiting my blog and reading my papers (and books, if you have). I appreciate your interest, am humbled and honored by it, and I hope and pray that whatever you have read of my materials has been helpful to you in your spiritual walk and endeavor to harmonize faith and reason.


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