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Malcolm Muggeridge: The Iconoclast (Links Page by Dave Armstrong)


His Own Writing and Speaking

Articles and Web Pages About Muggeridge

Malcolm Muggeridge Society
Top 100 Catholics of the Century (from The Daily Catholic: Muggeridge was voted #58)
Seeing Thro’ the Eye: The Prophetic Legacy of Malcolm Muggeridge (Ian Hunter)
Who was Malcolm Muggeridge and Why Should I Care? (Gregory Wolfe; scroll to the bottom)
Years the Locusts Have Eaten: Malcolm Muggeridge’s Chronicles of Wasted Time as an Apology of Love (David Mills)
The Land of Malcolm Muggeridge (brief biography by Dale Fincher)
Brief Biography (Wheaton College)
Brief Biography (Spartacus)
Brief Biography (Encyclopaedia Britannica)
Sharp, witty and original (short biography by Shashi Tharoor)
A Tale of Truth and Two Journalists (Ian Hunter)
An Infinitely Wordly Clubman (John Gross)
The Collision of Two Minds: Malcolm Muggeridge Meets Francis Schaeffer (David Virtue)
Malcolm Muggeridge's Scourging of Liberalism (Russell Kirk)
Malcolm Muggeridge on Stalin's famine (I) (Marco Carynnyk)
Malcolm Muggeridge on Stalin's famine (II) (Marco Carynnyk)
Malcom Muggeridge (Wikipedia)
Malcolm Muggeridge's journey (Roger Kimball)
Muggeridge Quotes and Wolfe Biography Quotes (scroll halfway down)
In Praise of Malcolm Muggeridge (poem by Jeanne Murray Walker)
Article on Malcolm Muggeridge Centenary (Tony Leliw)
'St. Mugg' and the Wrestling Prophets: A modern British journalist gives us timely words from yesterday's sinner-saints (Chris Armstrong)
St. Mugg's Wrestling Prophets, Part II: The "Weird Little Dane" (Chris Armstrong; Muggeridge's View of Soren Kierkegaard)
Friendship of Ian Hunter and Malcolm Muggeridge (Christine Dirks)
Muggeridge and Orwell (David Woods)
Review of Jesus Rediscovered (Edward B. Fiske, New York Times)
The Times' Stalinist (Celia Farber; contains lengthy section on Muggeridge's reporting in 1930's Russia)

Biographies: Book Reviews and Excerpts
 Gregory Wolfe

Joseph Pearce's Review of Gregory Wolfe's Malcolm Muggeridge: A Biography
A Hundred Years of Muggery:The life and times of Malcolm Muggeridge (Christopher Hitchens)
Malcolm Muggeridge: A Biography, by Gregory Wolfe (Review by Peter-Christian Aigner)
Review by Lawrence S. Cunningham
Review by Digby Anderson
Review by Acton Institute
Review by First Things
Review by Frank M. McClain
Preface to Malcolm Muggeridge: A Biography, by Gregory Wolfe
Muggeridge Quotes and Wolfe Biography Quotes (scroll halfway down)

Richard Ingrams

Chapter One of Muggeridge: The Biography (Richard Ingrams)
A Satirist in Search of Salvation (a Review of Muggeridge: The Biography, by Frances Stead Sellers)
Review by Bruno Maddox (New York Times Book Review)

Ian Hunter

Review of Malcolm Muggeridge: A Life, by Ian Hunter (Edward B. Fiske, New York Times)

One-Man Shows, Portraits, Photographs, Caricatures

Mugg Shots – Peter Stockbridge as Malcolm Muggeridge(one-man play / additional web page)
Review of Stockbridge's Portrayal and Brief Biography (Mursi Saad El-Din)
It’s all a Muggs game (Christine van Emst)
One-Man Show on Malcolm Muggeridge / Brief Biography (Dale Fincher)
Photograph Gallery from Centenary Celebrations (2003)
National Portraits (three) of Muggeridge
Muggeridge Visual Caricature

 Radio and TV Shows, Videos, Movies

 BBC Radio Show on Muggeridge (audio file)

Biographical Brief

Malcolm Muggeridge (1903-1990), was a master of English prose - as were Lewis and Chesterton, and (currently) Thomas Howard. He was received into the Catholic Church in 1982 at the age of 79. Primarily a journalist and television host, he has written many popular and critically-acclaimed books, including Jesus Rediscovered (1969), Something Beautiful For God (1971) - about Mother Teresa, essentially introducing her to the West -, Jesus: The Man Who Lives (1975), and Confessions of a 20th Century Pilgrim (1988). Possessed of one of the most outrageous wits and flair for satire of any writer in the 20th century, Muggeridge is renowned for his observations on the foibles and follies of modern man's futile search for contentment apart from God and the deeper abiding truths of life. William F. Buckley described Muggeridge (before the latter converted), as "perhaps the most eloquent English-speaking lay apostle of Christianity," and "a journalist with few, if any, peers" (1). The Washington Post called his autobiography, Chronicles of Wasted Time (1973), "one of the most delightful and entertaining memoirs of our age." Eminent evangelical Anglican John Stott referred to him as "a true prophet of the 20th century . . . a voice crying in the wilderness" (2).
1. William F. Buckley and Malcolm Muggeridge on Faith and Religious Institutions, New York: National Committee of Catholic Laymen, Inc., 1981, 3, 27.
2. Muggeridge, Christ and the Media, London: Hodder & Stoughton, 1977, 121-122.

Selective Muggeridge Bibliography
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