Wednesday, January 04, 2006

150 Razoes porque me tornei Catolico! (150 Reasons: Portugese version)

I discovered this by accident tonight: my 150 Reasons Why I am a Catholic paper translated into Portugese (courtesy of Jaime Francisco de Moura), which is pretty cool, since the same paper has also been translated into Spanish (courtesy of Luis Fernando Perez, from Mexico). The latter has been kind enough to translate a number of my papers into that language:

El Canon del Nuevo Testamento (canon of NT)

Mi odisea del evangelicalismo al catolicismo (my conversion story)

Canonicidad de los Deuterocanonicos (canonicity of the Deuterocanon)

Biblia y Tradicion: Mantened la Tradicion . . . (the chapter on Bible and Tradition from my book A Biblical Defense of Catholicism: not available on the Internet in English)

La comunion de los santos: una perspectiva biblica (communion of the saints: biblical evidences)

La conversion de Newman en sus propias palabras (Breve resumen) (brief Newman conversion story in his own words)

Muchas gracias mi amigo! I think I did that right . . . I took a year of Spanish in college.

Also of related interest is the Spanish version of my tract for OSV: Top Ten Questions Catholics Are Asked, entitled: Las Diez Preguntas Mas Formuladas A Los Catolicos. Other Catholic works in Spanish are available for order on that same page.

Links to both the Spanish page of my writings and this pamphlet have been on my sidebar, to the right for some time now. Many greetings to my Hispanic readers.

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