Friday, December 23, 2005

Jason Engwer's "Christmas Apologetics"

Jason Engwer is an anti-Catholic. Jason Engwer thinks Catholics aren't Christians. Jason Engwer engages in grotesque special pleading with regard to the beliefs of the Church Fathers (especially their supposed belief in something resembling sola Scriptura), and has a highly questionable understanding of and objection to development of doctrine and the biblical rationale for the papacy, as shown, I think, in the debates he and I have had on all those subjects.

But Jason Engwer is also a Christian apologist, and Christian apologists (even anti-Catholic ones) also write about subjects upon which virtually all Christians agree. And when they do so, I rejoice, because I am very happy whenever I see Christian truth promulgated and ably defended. This is part of the mystery of the larger Body of Christ, which includes Protestants. A person like Engwer can be so dead wrong on some things, and blind to the spiritual status of Catholics, yet God grants him the grace to continue his apologetics in order to defend some true and very important things. Truth is truth no matter who proclaims it and regardless of how utterly wrong and mistaken they might be on other issues.

I'm delighted about that, because it is a terrible waste of one's mind and energies to oppose the Catholic Church on such ludicrous grounds. It's good to see that minds like Engwer's are also occupied at least part of the time with good and true analyses. The anti-Catholics I come across have rarely seen any value in anything I write, even when my writing is about a subject where we would completely agree with each other. But I have no problem seeing the good things in many of their articles.

Among these are the recent articles by Jason Engwer defending orthodox Christian Christology and the facts of Christmas according to all the major branches of Christianity. When he defends these things, he is on the side of the angels. And so I commend him for this helpful, edifying research, and present links to these articles:

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The Early Christian Tradition of Biblical Harmonization [Infancy Narratives] (11-27-05)

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A Review of NBC's Program on Jesus' Birth (11-11-05)

Paul and the Resurrection (11-7-05)

Typical Coverage of the Virgin Birth (11-2-05)

Is It Permissible for Christians to Celebrate Christmas (And Other Holidays)? (11-1-05)

Skepticism and the Incarnation (Part Two) (10-17-05)

The Supposed Gullibility of Ancient People (9-20-05)

The Christmas Criticism Season Has Arrived (9-11-05)

Mass Hallucinations After the Death of a Non-Existent Jesus (9-10-05)

A Skeptical Equivalent of "The Passion of the Christ" and Other Skeptical Myths (8-20-05)

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