Monday, October 10, 2005

James White Outdoes All With His "Anti" Language

Once upon a time anti-Catholic Baptist apologist James White blasted me for using the dreaded term anti-Catholic, as if it were completely arbitrary and unacceptable in civilized discourse. Here is but one example (note the ongoing derisive use of quotation marks). White is writing about yours truly here:

Same fellow who then took an oath to stop interacting with "anti-Catholics" (convenient use of terminology)---which had the not overly unexpected result of basically killing his blog*, which then went into hibernation during Lent anyway . . . But it truly amazes me that someone who utterly lacks the tools to do the work he claims to do with such expertise continues to be dragged along by the rest of his compatriots. Just another example of "as long as it is in the service of Mother Church, it is all good." What a contrast: we seek to be consistent in honor of the truth, . . .

(The Most Pathetic Post I've Ever Seen, 4-5-05; emphasis added)
*To paraphrase Mark Twain, "the reports of the death of my blog have been greatly exaggerated". I've been getting around 450 hits a day (six months after White's dire predictions) and am in the top 10% of all blogs listed on both TTLB and Blogdom of God, with only an occasional foray into anti-Catholic folly (less and less all the time; almost always when I am bored and looking for something ridiculous and amusing to chronicle, as presently. I know; it's a fault of mine, but I'm working on it . . . ).

On 5-4-05, he used the same sort of silly tactic again:

. . . anyone in DA's position, who is constantly throwing stuff out there, is simply playing games if he then decides on some arbitrary standard as to who is an "anti-Catholic," and then on that basis, says he will not interact with them . . .

And again on 5-26-05, the illustrious Bishop White wrote:

A while back I took the time to engage Dave Armstrong's The Catholic Verses on this blog. The response by Mr. Armstrong was 1) bluster and absurdly silly replies; 2) full-scale retreat and a "promise" (again) to stop interacting with "anti-Catholics" like me.

If I recall correctly (I'd have to look at some old papers to be sure), he even stated (at least once) that he doesn't stoop to such a low level in his own writing and speaking. Recently, fan club member Frank Turk (aka centuri0n) reiterated the ludicrous claim that Protestants don't use these terms (Turk seems not to himself, unlike his mentor White).

Well, I have already documented White's usage more than once (see his entry on my Anti-Catholic page). I thought it was interesting lately that White is committing this outrageous linguistic act in almost every recent post. Here are examples, just for the record (all bolding emphasis added):



Final Thoughts on Paul Owen's Eisegetical Anti-Calvinism [title of blog post]


Paul Owen's stealth anti-Calvinism, . . .

More on Anti-Calvinism from Paul Owen (V) [title of blog post]

. . . the anti-Reformed polemics of pseudo-Calvinist Paul Owen of Montreat College. (ibid.)


. . . Jack Graham's anti-Calvinism sermon, . . .


More on Anti-Calvinism from Paul Owen (IV) [title of blog post]

. . . the anti-Reformed interpretation of John 6 and John 10 offered by our pseudo-Calvinist scholar, Paul Owen. (ibid.)


More on Anti-Calvinism from Paul Owen (III) [title of blog post]

. . . his anti-Reformed readings of these key Johannine texts. (ibid.)

Radio Free Geneva: Second Program on Jack Graham Anti-Calvinism Sermon [title of blog post]

. . . the recent anti-Calvinism sermon of Jack Graham . . . (ibid.)


More on Anti-Calvinism from Paul Owen (II) [title of blog post]

. . . the anti-Calvinistic interpretation of Jesus' promises to His people in John provided by Paul Owen, . . . (ibid.)


More on Anti-Calvinism from Paul Owen [title of blog post]

. . . like Dave Hunt, and the many who have swallowed his anti-Calvinism hook, line, and sinker. (ibid.)

. . . Owen's anti-Calvinistic reading. (ibid.)


. . . a lengthy selection of his [Paul Owen's] anti-Baptist statements, . . .


. . . why even bother looking at Hunt's new little anti-Calvinism book, . . .

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