Friday, July 01, 2005

My Malcolm Muggeridge Page Greatly Expanded

I was very excited tonight to find a considerable amount of new material on the Internet about journalist, author, social critic, TV personality, and notable Protestant and then Catholic convert Muggeridge for my web page: Malcolm Muggeridge: The Iconoclast. For years, it was pretty slim pickin's, looking for Muggeridge info. on the Net. I tried every now and then, ever since I started my website in 1997, and was always disappointed, until now. The page has probably four to five times as many links as it did, and a couple of new photographs too.

Some of the highlights of the new additions include a downloadable PDF version of his book, A Third Testament, fourteen excerpts or articles from Muggeridge, an audio file of his appearance on William Buckley's Firing Line, in 1980, many new biographical articles, eight reviews of Gregory Wolfe's Malcolm Muggeridge: A Biography, and also excerpts from it, information on one-man shows by Peter Stockbridge and Dale Fincher, and two BBC radio show audio files. I also added some books to the bibliography and linked all but one of the list to the pages.

I hope you enjoy reading and listening, as much as I did finding all this. You'll never be disappointed with this prophetic, brilliantly insightful man.

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