Monday, June 27, 2005

More Examples of Eric Svendsen's Hypocritical Double Standards for "Anti" Language

Recently, I documented how anti-Catholic Grand Poobah, Unvanquishable Debate Champion and Big Cheese James White has applied a ludicrous terminological double standard, since he repeatedly laments (on nonexistent grounds) the use of the scholarly, completely legitimate term anti-Catholic, yet uses a number of "anti" descriptions himself: anti-Calvinist, anti-Reformed, anti-Lordship, and anti-Lutheran. I also gave examples of anti-Catholic evangelical Protestant luminary, apologist, and polemicist Eric Svendsen and others doing the same thing, in another paper (anti-Evangelical being his favored term, since that's how he classifies himself).

Here are some more recent instances of his objection to the term anti-Catholic (note the derisive, derogatory use of quotation marks, thus indicating his disapproval of the use; of course he is not an anti-Catholic, so he would have us believe) -- emphases added --:

Here’s my prediction. When the dust settles and all that are left are the “reformed Catholics,” then that movement will implode. At that point they will begin to see that the only thing that has ever held them together was their common disparagement of Scripture and their common hatred of all things Evangelical and “babtists”—at which point they will turn on each other:

“You don’t believe in Mary’s supremacy? Why, you’re nothing but an anti-catholic radical!”

(The "Gnostic" Vs. the Sophist: Part 4, 12-21-04)

Here is a perfect example of why Dave Armstrong cannot be trusted with rightly representing the statements of those he opposes. My meaning here--as the context makes clear--was that DA'a decision did not involve merely shutting down the comments section of his blog (as did my decision, and James White's decision not to start a comments section, and [Name]'s decision); rather his decision involved closing the blog to discussing "anti-catholic" apologetic issues (that is the context of "he's getting out of the apologetic blog business entirely!").

Yes, and the day DA stops deluding himself into believing his decision simply had nothing to do with the fact that he was so easily outmatched, perhaps he'll also stop deluding himself into thinking he's actually ceased addressing those "anti-catholics" he vowed to ignore. He continues to post blog entries against us "anti-catholics," . . .

(Dave Armstrong's meltdown is nearly complete, 1-5-05)

At least that's what the headline practically reads at DA's non-existent "Anti-Anti-Catholic" blog--you know, the one on which he no longer contributes entries about "anti-catholic" apologists?

(The Book of White and the Book of Svendsen Contradict Each Other!, 1-10-05)

DA has decided to follow his resolution of ceasing interaction with “anti-catholics.”

(More Fun With Dave Armstrong, 1-13-05)

DA's meltdown is nearly complete. Following his ceremonious, posthaste departure from the "anti-anti-catholic" apologetics scene . . .

(Dave Armstrong Now Desperately Grasping at Straws, 1-15-05)

Yet that is just what DA has done in his “resolution.” He has written what can only be considered an “official resolution” to cease interaction with us “anti-catholics,” . . .

(One More Time . . . , 1-17-05)

And here are instances of his use of "anti" terms to describe opponents of his positions (note the absence of quotation marks; for him these are perfectly acceptable descriptions):

This is pure sophist nonsense; it reveals an anti-biblical mindset, and it reveals how little men like [Name] understand about Scripture, or indeed Gnosticism. People like [Name] are completely given to philosophical speculations. That is their entire world. They, along with some of their Roman Catholic bedmates, are sophists . . .

(The "Gnostic" Vs. the Sophist: Part 1, 12-16-04)

I do not cite these sources because I think it proves my view. Only the Scriptures can do that. Rather I cite them to show that my view of this issue is not unique, or unusual, or anti-Reformed.

(The Limited Atonement Debate in Historical Perspective, 2-2-05)

. . . the words of anti-evangelical antagonist Jonathan Prejean . . .

(And They *Were* Offended, 3-11-05)

. . . the usual anti-evangelical forums . . .

(On Evangelical Comments Concerning the Death of the Pope: An Apology, 4-8-05)

Recently, I’ve been having an exchange with [Name] at Jonathan Prejean’s blog, discussing his usual anti-baptist rantings. . . . During the course of that discussion, I reminded [Name] of his anti-baptist history . . .

. . . his usual Baptist-hate-fest rhetoric, . . .

(The Sectarian Gnosticism of "Reformed" Catholicism Dot Com, 4-14-05)

Rugged Individualism and Anti-Baptist Sacramentalists

(Title of post from 6-14-05)

. . . the anti-baptist hyper-sacramentalist . . .

(The Hyper-Sacramentalist and Baptism in Acts 2:38, 6-20-05)

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