Tuesday, April 05, 2005

James White's, Eric Svendsen's, and Jason Engwer's Glowing Tributes to Venerable Pope John Paul II

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James White

Now, it is obvious that I could spend great effort talking about the Pope's political or cultural activities, or how nice a man he was, or how well traveled he was, etc. (things I noted in the very first blog entries when the story broke), but it would make not a wit's worth of difference. What this man, and his compatriots, and sadly, many alleged Protestants, just don't seem to "get" is the great disrespect being shown to Christ and His Word and His Gospel not only by Roman Catholics (who do so daily by embracing falsehood) but by the media and non-Catholics who, by their completely ignoring the issue of the gospel the man preached and passing him instantly into the realms of glory based upon who he was rather than upon the gospel of Christ! What these Roman Catholics are in essence demanding is that we be silent about the gospel. That we subjugate the gospel of Christ to their emotions, to their feelings, at the time of the death of a man who bore titles due to God alone and who promulgated a gospel that is sending thousands to a Christless eternity every single day. Who mourns for those people? Who mourns for the broken lives that result from the endless treadmill of works and merit that is Rome's theology in the vast majority of the world?

(Insight Into the Roman Catholic Mind: 4-4-05)

NTRMin Areopagus Discussion Board (Eric Svendsen's haunt)

"Rhology" (4-1-05)

May he, during his last time on this earthly journey, feast his eyes on the shining glory of Christ Himself and reach out to Him. May he forsake the idolatrous practices of the life he has lived under "Totus Tuus," ardently devoted to the veneration and promotion of Mary rather than Jesus Christ, Who died for his sins.


To which Eric Svendsen ("NTRMin") replied: "Great prayer."(4-1-05)


Jason Engwer, anti-Catholic apologist ("JasonTE"):

If the Pope is saved, and I hope he is, he wasn't saved by means of the gospel of Roman Catholicism. It was by means of a different gospel, the same gospel that saved the thief on the cross through faith alone. The true gospel is far simpler and far greater than what Roman Catholicism offers and what this Pope tragically spent such effort teaching.

. . . I'm grateful for the good he did, and he did much good. A lot will be said, rightly, about his opposition to Communism, for example, and his respect for life, in the womb and in old age, is commendable. He seems to be a kind man in many ways and to have many positive attributes.

. . . either Pope John Paul II taught a false gospel and a false system of authority or Billy Graham did. And whoever erred erred badly. It isn't enough to say that they were both kind old men who taught some good things about Jesus. You probably could have said the same thing about some of the Judaizers in the first century.

. . . But I do think that we ought to make a distinction between a Pope John Paul II and a Billy Graham. Both deserve respect, but a lifetime of teaching the true gospel deserves more respect.

[Billy Graham certainly wouldn't agree with this dichotomy: see his remarks]


Eric Svendsen (4-4-05), starting out bitterly sarcastic about what he sees as evangelical laxity, in response to a remark from Jason Engwer:

Don't you know by now that the Evangelical way is to come to Christ by faith alone, give personal testimony that God and God alone saved you by his own grace and apart from any good thing you have done, insist in your testimony that you merely believed in Christ and trusted in him alone for your salvation, forsaking any good works as a means to your salvation—and then forget all that and confidently assert that the pope, who spouted Roman Catholic reliance on good works, baptism, the sacraments, Mary and the saints, and believed in a universalism, has "gone home to be with the Lord" and is now in heaven? What's wrong with you anyway? It doesn't have to be logical, as long as it sounds spiritual!

I cringed this Sunday as someone (a layperson) in my own church, during public prayer time, said "thank you, God, that you brought Terri [Schiavo] and the pope home with you this week." Now, I have no idea what Terri Schiavo's spiritual state was before or after she lapsed into her vegetative state. Maybe be she trusted in Christ while in that state, I just don't know. I'm more concerned about the comment regarding the pope. The person in church, as a layperson, at least can claim ignorance on theology. What is the excuse of the so-called Evangelical leadership who appear on the media?

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In strong contrast, this is how Billy Graham (that flaming liberal closet papist) replied to Larry King:

KING: There is no question in your mind that he is with God now?

GRAHAM: Oh, no. There may be a question about my own, but I don't think Cardinal Wojtyla, or the Pope — I think he's with the Lord, because he believed. He believed in the cross. That was his focus throughout his ministry, the cross, no matter if you were talking to him from personal issue or an ethical problem, he felt that there was the answer to all of our problems, the cross and the resurrection. And he was a strong believer.

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