Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Happy St. Patrick's Day (My Ireland Page, and Other Defunct Pages From my Website, Resurrected)

Courtesy of Internet Archive, I can bring back my Ireland Page, which was on my website for over five years.

While we're at it, here's your chance to see my other former pages (removed in order to free up more space). This is fun! The links will still work, too, but of course, some are outdated by now:

Culture and Christian Heritage

Scotland: History, Culture, & Christian Heritage Links
(some cool photos)

England: History, Culture, & Christian Heritage Links
(check out the death-mask of John Wesley! -- like a photograph)

Medieval and Renaissance Culture
(complete with a photograph from my medieval wedding:
10-6-84 -- me lookin' like a prince and all, marryin' a lovely new princess)

Christian Philosophy

St. Augustine (354-430)

St. Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274)

(some of these links have ben retained on my Philosophy and Christianity Page)

Thomas Howard & Peter Kreeft: Master Apologists
(not enough Howard links are available, and a better Kreeft page elsewhere, so I decided to ditch it)

Nature Photographs

My Favorite Nature Photos
(re-scanned for higher quality. I'm very proud of these)

Fall Colors

Old-Growth Forests and Animals


Sandy Shores of the Great Lakes

Rocky Lake and Ocean Shores

Rock Formations

Old American Architectural Photographs

Old American Architecture Photo Page
(re-scanned for higher quality. Proud o' these, too. My nature and architectural photography is the closest I come -- besides my musical abilities -- to "art")

Covered Bridges

Old Buildings and Mills and "Americana"

Music and Poetry

Classical Music Mega-Links Page
(includes death-mask of Beethoven)

Poetry (emphasizing Romanticism)
(some stuff retained on my Romantic and Imaginative Theology Page)


Anti-Catholicism Page
(check out the hilarious painting on top)

Martin Luther the "Super-Pope" and de facto Infallibility: Extensive Documentation From Luther's Own Words and a Discussion of Protestant Charges Concerning Alleged Widespread Dishonesty of Catholic Apologists in Dealing With Luther (vs. "BJ Bear")
(this is the original exchange on the CARM board with the notorious "BJ Bear" -- who sought to show I was a dishonest, incompetent, would-be apologist)

Counter-Reply to A Simple-Minded Response to Stephen Ray, by Pastor Chris Bayack (Part III: "The Pertinent"): The Anti-Catholic Outlook Concerning Sola Scriptura, Tradition, and the Perpetual Virginity of Mary + Link to Part II of This Dialogue

Dialogue on Common Anti-Catholic Objections to Catholic Beliefs Concerning Mary and Justification (vs.Brian Schwertley and Stephen Pribble)

Exchanges With Dr. James White

Case Study in Anti-Catholic Intransigence: Dr. James White Rejects Personal Reconciliation, Yet Simultaneously Pushes for an Oral Debate
(check out the famous "goofy photo": harmless fun that got me into further trouble -- if indeed that is possible -- with Dr. White -- now, ironically, he has caricatures of himself on his website, and of people like Patrick Madrid)

Bishops in the New Testament and the Early Church
(Do Baptists Believe in Bishops?)

Exchanges With Dr. Eric Svendsen

(I removed this out of courtesy to Dr. Svendsen because he disapproved of my editing. But since he showed no appreciation for my gesture, and has since stepped-up his personal attacks considerably,
I am posting them again. These have no personal attacks; they simply argue the issues)

Dialogue on "Tradition" in the New Testament

Debate on the Nature of "Church" and Catholicism

Dialogue on the Alleged "Perspicuous Apostolic Message" as a Proof of the Quasi-Protestantism of the Early Church (vs. Eric Svendsen and James White)


Family Photographs and Armstrong Heritage
(yep, that's me with one of my permanents, on top)

Oldest Version of my Home Page I Could Find (December 1998 -- the website was launched in March 1997)
(not too bad, for that old!)


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